Obesity is a modern health issue many people face nowadays. Back then, only a small number of the population have weight issues. It’s perhaps because people from yesteryears eat healthily. They often eat fruits and veggies and drink lots of water in their day-to-day because sodas were rare and expensive and there was no refrigeration then, or if there was any, only the elite can afford it. Also, people had to do the actual work to get things done. They didn’t have any gadget they can count on to do the job for them. Even kitchen appliances were few and not all homes have it. The television was bulky and there were just a few channels, people weren’t really inclined to stay watching it all day. Only the rich can also afford private vehicles and even public transport were far in between aside from being costly too. It means that people mostly had to walk for miles to get to where they want to. Life was indeed simpler and not surprisingly healthier.

The absence of modern contrivances and conveniences means that people can only rely on themselves to get things done, whatever it may be. If they want to eat, they had to plant their own food, grow it, harvest it, and then cook it. They had to wash clothes and dishes manually. If they wanted entertainment, they go to their family or friend’s home to have a chat or played active games outside. The world was their oyster as unbelievable as it may seem. It’s very different from the world we live in now. Today, we have all sorts of tech appliances to do things for us. They are not just a burden to our wallets and bank accounts but make us lazy as well. Can you remember the last time you washed the dishes by hands? Probably a lifetime ago, right? While we have a lot to be thankful for technology, it also has some major drawbacks that we aren’t so thrilled about especially that they have to do with our deteriorating health.

Then came the emergence of personal computing that is the foundation of all the modern technology we now have. You no longer need to write an actual letter on paper and drop it at the post office when you can easily write an electronic version. That way, the receiver gets your message right away. No more dilly-dallying. Not long after, smart technology was no longer a dream but a reality we now all live in and breathe. Along with all these advancements, there was something else developing in the background albeit known to us yet often ignored. Our lifestyle has changed drastically and we now have more time in our hands because many of the things we do have been automated. As a result, we started pursuing other interests but they aren’t always to the best of our interests.

While you were so busy going after your new hobbies, you started neglecting your health because you often slept late, no longer engage in an active lifestyle and ate all the wrong food. No wonder why you have ballooned in size. Obesity plagues people of all walks of life and in various countries all over the world, especially the Western ones. No matter how much you cry and regret your neglect, there’s nothing you can do about it because it’s already your current state of health (weight). However, you can still remedy your problem and the power is all in your hands. Every weight loss journey is unique. You can never say that another person’s story will be the same as yours most especially that your bodies are different too.

The funny thing is that the answer to obesity has been there all along – exercise. No magic formula or easy weight loss scheme that you often hear from around you. It actually is a healthy combo of exercise and a healthy diet. You may not like the thought of working out for hours on end trying to get that jiggly flab off your body but there’s no other way out of this predicament. You simply have to sweat it off until every last bit of fat is gone. Exercise is only a tool to help you achieve your weight loss goals. The message here is simple. It is actually active physical movement but not necessarily exercising all the time just as long as you are moving and moving and moving. You can even see more immediate results if you partner an active lifestyle with again, a healthy and balanced diet. When you work out, it is easier for your body to get rid of excess fats and you have more energy to engage in physical activities and not feel too tired all the time. And when you eat right, you feed your body all the right stuff that is loaded with important vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed by the body and prevent yourself from craving for junks and sweets that is often the case.

The road to weight loss is a bumpy one. Even when you are physically active yourself, not all the days you’d feel up for it. There are times you just want to lie down in bed and not do anything at all and that is perfectly alright. But don’t worry because those instances are rare and shouldn’t be a cause of worry for you. You no longer have to worry about not being able to keep up your healthy lifestyle because once you are on it, your body will make it easy for you to keep it up. And again, discipline is of utmost importance. While your body will make it easier for you to live healthily, your mind can still mess things up if you aren’t committed enough to this new way of living.